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10 Reasons to Sign up for JBitPro ERP now!

You might be content with your current ERP solution, or you might not have one currently.  If you don’t have one, you might be thinking about how expensive an ERP solution is.  This is the one truth in the ERP market today.  Most are very expensive, when you add up all of the things you will need to get it working for your business.  So, what makes JBitPro different?  There are 10 things that make JBitPro different, and the one option you should give strong consideration to.  Let’s consider them, and you be the judge.

1. Simplicity

Have you ever used SAP, or even seen their interface?  If you have, can you confidently say “I can setup and use SAP without the assistance of a consultant or expensive training?”  This is one of the key differences with JBitPro.  Our ERP is designed to be simple, and to prove it we want you to see our simple interface for free.  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and have a look at how simple our system is.

2. Cost of Ownership

If you have ever leased an ERP system, then you know that they cost a ton of money.  And not just the software subscription cost, but all the add-ons and consulting you will need to purchase to make it work for you will raise the cost of ownership into the stratosphere!  We think the price should be lower, and should actually help you run your business.  You should not require a major budget to implement an ERP.  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and see how simple and inexpensive ERP should be!

3. Secure Data Storage

In today’s world data is expensive and needs to be securely stored and accessible by your whole team, from anywhere that they might be.  This makes the cloud a perfect place for your ERP to run.  This means that, whether you are on the train between home and work or laying in bed planning your day, you can access JBitPro.  Our solution is mobile friendly and only requires an internet connection to make all of your data available to your team.  It is secured by some advanced data storage techniques to ensure that your data remains obscured from unauthorized access.  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and see for yourself how it works!

4. Real-time Visibility

Most businesses fail when they didn’t see a leak in their profits, or unable to plan for inventory deficiencies.  This should not be a factor in a failing business.  We have made JBitPro aware or your needs, simply tell the system when you want inventory replenished, or when to alert you when sales are slumping.  It’s the little things that make JBitPro the right choice for your business.  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and see for yourself how easy it is to see how your business is performing!

5. Customer Management

If you are selling something, you have customers.  currently you are probably using excel or some other abnormal process to manage the list of customers.  This is not the best way to manage your list of customers.  JBitPro makes it easy to create orders and see how much money you are making  on a customer by customer basis.  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and have a look at how easily you can manage your customers, and sales!

6. Inventory Management

Inventory can be one of the hardest things to maintain when running your business.  We know how hard it is to maintain the balance of profits and loss when it comes to inventory specifically.  So we created a very simple inventory module designed to make sure you are able to maintain the balance.  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and check out our unique inventory management module!

7. Support

Why pay more for support when you are in need of some assistance with your ERP?  We think you should get the service with your subscription.  Many of our competitors feel that support is extra and is only for those who have hired a consultant.  With JBitPro, support is included.  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and experience the difference!

8. Consultants Not Required

Why add the cost of a consultant to the cost of your ERP system?  With the other guys, you need the consultant to set things up and direct you on how to use it.  It’s simply not necessary with JBitPro!  Come see the difference of saving time and money with JBitPro.  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and find out how refreshing our ERP is.

9. Reporting

Reports, many times, make or break an ERP system.  Any system you use will need to have reports that make sense of the information you are amassing while making sales and purchases.  Our simple approach is to make all of this available at your finger tips with a few simple clicks!  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and if you need a report that doesn’t exist yet, you can request it and we will add it free of charge!  All included in your subscription!

10. Employee Information

Handling payroll and employee information is another important aspect of running your business.  Your growth depends on those people you trust enough to call employees.  So it is important to keep this information safe and all in a very accessible place for easily managing their information.  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and see how simple we made it!


Currently we are in the paid BETA portion of our ERP system.  All of the things mentioned above may not be fully envisioned yet in JBitPro, but are in progress.  We encourage you to take a look at our simple interface and what makes us so different from what you are use to, when it comes to the ERP game.  Sign up for you free 30 day trial and you are sure to become a longtime consumer of JBitPro ERP.  Together we can change the ERP world!


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