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How to Price your Services; Taking the Scary out of Pricing

It all starts with an idea for performing a service for others, and charging for it.  The hardest part comes next, deciding what to charge for the service!  It needs to be reasonable, and yet profitable.  When you share the price with potential clients, do they eagerly hand over the money, or do they respond with "We will keep you in mind if we need anything..."  This can be deflating, as many times this means that they are turned off by your pricing.  So, how do you come up with pricing that makes the potential client feel motivated to hire you? The Deal No One Can Pass... We need an example of a service...How about window washing?  As a window washer you will be spending time cleaning windows.  This might be a relatively easy task, if the windows are close to the ground.  But, what if they are 200 stories up?  How can you price your service competitively, and turn a profit?  What price point will make the client say "Your hired!"  There are several factors t

How to Create a Sales Order

Your desk phone rings..."Hello, I would like to purchase 4 of those fantastic products you just advertised!"  Now what?  Do you open a desk drawer and pull out an order pad?  Archaic option for sure.  Instead, login to your JBitPro ERP account and see if this customer is in your database, and if they aren't add the new customer !  Then start filling out his order using the Order module. Creating the Order Login your JBitPro ERP Click on the Orders tab Click on Orders Click New Fill in the information about this Order, this is called the Order Header: Click Create If you need to adjust information in the Order's header, click Edit Header To add lines to the Order, click Add Line Fill in the information about the Item you are adding to the order, some information will be auto-populated: Your Order should look similar to the one below: When done, you can Print the order, or just click the blue Back button Conclusion Creating Sales Orders in JBit

How to Add a New Vendor

If you own a business you understand the important role vendors play in your existence.  With out a vendor most businesses wouldn't have anything to sell.  Even the best fabricator needs a vendor for something he can't create or for the materials he will be creating.  With JBitPro ERP  you don't need to setup a vendor to sell items.  We do encourage setting them up, since that is the doorway to tracking your spending on specific items and materials. Who is The Muffin Man? Let's imagine that we are running a bakery.  You will need things like flour, sugar, salt, butter (lots and lots of butter), fresh fruits, dried fruits, baking soda, and well, you get the point.  To get those items you will need someone reliable, prompt, and fair in their dealings.  If you are to succeed then this supplier will need to meet your high standards for the products and services they provide you, which in turn makes your products high quality.  If we are being honest, no one wants to eat

How to Add Inventory Bins

Every time I think about inventory bins, I imagine those little colored plastic bins that his nuts and bolts at the hardware store.  It helps when you can visualize where the inventory is going to be sitting.  In order for your JBitPro ERP system to track your inventory, it is important to tell it where the items or services sit inside of your warehouse .  You might be thinking about the services part of your business right now, and thinking - "Services don't physically sit anywhere!"...and you are right, they don't.  Services are a lot like this Blog post, a thought in mind that only takes form when written on paper or page.  Yet, still it is an item you sell, think of it as a virtual item. Services Inventory Bins?! You might already know where this is headed...Yes we are going to put services into inventory bins, alongside our physical items!  Its not a crime, and as you will see it actually makes some sense when you see how it all fits together. Services a

How to Add Warehouses

Adding warehouses to your JBitPro ERP is important, since it is the first layer in organizing your inventory.  This means you will need to think about your current storage areas and define them in JBitPro as warehouses.  A warehouse is any place that you store many items, this could be anything from a closet to a large storage building.  Below are some examples of a warehouse: A closet where you keep supplies or inventory A room in your building that holds inventory A large attached or detached building where inventory is housed So to be clear, a warehouse doesn't need to be a huge building with racks of inventory as far as the eye can see, it only needs to be a separate space where you are storing inventory, or even supplies. Giving this some thought, you have undoubtedly realized that you have at least one warehouse on your premises.  But what if you are reading this right now going "I sell services, so I don't have a warehouse"?  DON'T LEAVE YET!