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How to lmport Customers into JBit Pro Cloud ERP

One of the most important aspects of any ERP system is the ability to import data. You likely have a large list of customers, either in a spreadsheet or another database.  So how do you get those customers into JBit Pro Cloud ERP?

The Template

We have designed the system to provide a template for you on demand.  The system allows importing a CSV format.  And the necessary fields are included in the template you will download as part of these instructions.

To download the template:

  1. Login to your Account at
  2. Go to the Data Import tab
  3. Click on "Customers"
  4. Click on "Click here if you need the template"

  5. Fill in the downloaded CSV Template (copy paste your data to it)

    Important CSV Fields:
    • CustomerId - The database will make sure that the Contact has the correct value here.  The column is required, and it doesn't require any value.
    • CustomerName - This is the Name of the Company you are importing to the Database.  A value is required for this column and should be the "Company" to associate contacts with later.
    • Address1 - This is the Address for the company you are adding, and it is required.
    • Address2 - This is used for additional company address information, and it is not required.
    • City - This is the name of the City for your Customer (example: Houston), and it is required.
    • StateId - This is the "ID" for the state that your customer is associated with.  It is a Numeric value, and the list of states and values can be found here:  States
    • ZipCode - This field is required, and it is the postal code for your customer
    • Phone - This field is required. If you don't have the phone number, use something like 0000000000
    • Website - This field is not required.
  6. Save the Template
  7. Login into your JBit Pro Account
  8. Go to the Data Import tab
  9. Click Customers
  10. Click "Choose File"
  11. Select your CSV template (from step 5)
  12. Click Upload

Let us know if you find any problems while uploading your Customer data, and enjoy your ERP experience!


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