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How to Add Employees

One of the first tasks you will complete after logging into your JBitPro account is, to create an employee record for yourself, and for any of your other employees/users.  It is necessary to have an employee record so that you can create - sales orders, purchase orders, receive inventory, and complete other tasks in the ERP system.

Creating an Employee

Let’s get started!
  1. Go to the HR Management module
  2. Click on Employee Management
  3. If you are adding yourself, click “Add Self”; If you are adding another employee, use “New”
  4. When clicking “Add Self” an Employee record is added for your user
  5. NOTE:  One user can have multiple employee records tied to it.  Though this is currently allowed, it isn’t recommended.  Each user that will be using the system should have an Employee record if he/she will be completing tasks that are tied to an employee record.  Such as Sales Orders, Receiving, and Purchasing.
  6. After using “Add Self”, you should edit your employee record to include information about yourself.  Use the “Edit” button to edit your employee record.
If you are adding a new employee associated with one of your users:
  1. Select the User from the Drop Down list (new users must register)
  2. Fill out the requested information for the new employee
  3. NOTE:  There will be the ability to store secrete employee information.  You will be able to securely store SSNO, Drivers License, and other personal information.  It will be encrypted and only accessible from your account login.  Not even JBitPro staff will have the ability to view this secret information.  If you want to use Badges for your employees, you will also be able to manage them from your account.
  4. Click “Create”
You can view the employee details or edit them by clicking the appropriate button in the employee table.


Adding Employees to your JBitPro account is simple, and is important.  It is required if you are going to be using JBitPro to create Sales Orders and for Purchasing inventory, or to receive inventory.  These tasks require a level of accountability and need to be tied to a user/employee.  If you haven’t registered yet for your free JBitPro Beta account, what are you waiting for!  Click here to get started now!

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