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Join the Open Beta for JBit Pro Cloud ERP

Here is more information about our Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning System.  We need people like yourself to help me test it. We can only test it so far before needing feedback. It isn’t complete yet, so you will need an open mind if you choose to assist.
A few notes about what this ERP System consists of at this moment (functioning parts):
  • Customer Management
    • Adding new Top Level Customer (equates to a company)
    • Adding Customer Contacts (contacts associated with a company)
    • Adding Customer Shipping information (company addresses and information for shipping to them)
    • Adding Customer Billing information (company addresses and information for billing)
  • Inventory Management
    • Adding New Items
    • Adding Bin Locations
    • Adding Warehouses that hold the bin locations (address and site information)
    • Inventory stock level monitoring
  • Purchase Orders
    • Creating New PO's
    • Editing PO's
    • Printing PO's
  • Order Management (for customer orders)
    • Adding new Orders
    • Editing Orders
    • Back Orders (automatically generated back orders based on inventory levels at time of order)
  • Vendor Management
    • Adding/Editing Vendors (Top level company)
    • Adding/Editing Vendor Contacts (contact persons at the vendor company)
  • Data Imports
    • Bulk Importing Customer information (Top Level)
    • Bulk Importing Inventory information (Items)
Still in progress:
  • Receiving Module
  • Human Resources Module
  • Inventory Monitoring backend processes (needs some refinement to make it more automatic)
  • Imports processes for:
    • Customer Contacts
    • Customer Shipping Info
    • Customer Billing Info
    • Vendors
    • Vendor Contacts
    • Employee information
    • Warehouses
    • Bins
If you decide you would like to help a fellow small business out, register for your account. Feel free to ask anyone else you think might be interested as well, and share the link with them, no harm in that! Here are some things we are looking for feedback on:
  • Of the things that are currently part of the ERP, what is missing, in your opinion?
  • Is the user interface easy to use, is it intuitive? What should be changed or added to make it more intuitive?
  • When you attempted “X” did it work, or did you get an error? Or did it not work and no error? What was “X”?
I am willing to offer free use of the finished product to any who are willing to assist in this open BETA. So please register if you would like to be a tester.
A couple of notes, Incase you are wondering:
  • Anyone who registers for an account gets their own dedicated database, so your data is yours, and no one else can get or has access to it
  • If you have some users you want to add and allow access, ask me how, I have a blog post about how to do it (will provide link if requested). I have rethought the whole user access model, and it is still a work in progress. Essentially you have to approve the new user, they won't get a confirmation email, you will. This allows you to tightly control who can access your data, and who can't.


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